Optic Flow Field (2014)
Ambient Optical Array: the panorama of visual information available as we look out at the world from any given position. From every individual viewing point, a unique pattern of light enters the eyes; because it is reflected from and emitted by a unique combination of surfaces.  
Optic Flow Field: the continually changing pattern of information in the ambient optical array that results from the movement of an object or the observer through an environment. 

Within cognitive psychology, J.J. Gibson (1904-1979) explored the function of the environment specifically related to human perception. Among many theories, includes the Optic Flow Field which inspired the works availability to movement through use of textile, and to create an environment where the work can be interacted with.   

They Died Doing What They Loved (2014)
Found Textile, Dye, Bleach, Thread, Acrylic. 

Pink Noise (2014)
Found Textile, Dye, Bleach, Plastic, Aluminum, Thread, Acrylic.

Bang On! (2014)
Dye and Acrylic on Textile.

So Shy (2014)
Acrylic on Textile and Plastic.